Fabrication of Metal Rails

The Fabrication Process

P3 Metals starts each project by detailing items requested for your job. Our detailing team will design and submit drawings to be reviewed for accuracy. Once the details are approved, fabrication can begin. Every item supplied to your job will be crafted to fit your building and meet your schedule.

P3's White Stallion


P3 Metals will coordinate all deliveries to meet your jobs timeline. Whether we are just supplying material or erecting it, our job is to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of your material.

Installation of Juliette Hanging Balcony, Westmont NJ


At P3 Metals, we understand the importance of coordinating installation with all trades on the job site. Installation is time sensitive and can greatly impact the completion of a project. P3 Metals has experienced erectors who have seen and installed just about every type of miscellaneous metal imaginable.